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  2. B.J. Blazkowicz is the FPS genre’s premiere lone-wolf hero. Unlike the grizzled Nazi-killing star, his twin daughter protégés appreciate the value of teamwork. Wolfenstein: Youngblood improves upon the iconic series’ silky gunplay with dynamic co-op action and dual protagonists who exhibit an infectious rapport. A recent hands-on session focuses heavily on Jessie (“Jes) and Zofia’s (“Soph”) backstory and an intense assault on a Nazi zeppelin. Flashbacks reveal how B.J. and Anya groomed their daughters to survive in a harsh world. Soph wails on a punching bag and screams as Anya pushes her past her limits. Soph learns to dial in a shot while hunting boar as B.J. explains how to hone her killer instincts. As with the past two Wolfenstein games, character interactions are refreshingly authentic with a healthy dose of absurdity (after her first Nazi kill, Soph cheers, abruptly pukes, then cheers some more). “Confronting a heavily-armored Nazi flamethrower trooper is more manageable when your partner can flank him and burst his gas tank.” The sisters’ quips and colorful dialogue add welcome color to Wolfenstein: Youngblood’s reliable gunplay. Stealth tactics or all-out firefights are still your two options for tackling the airship infiltration mission, but the twins’ power suits layer on more gameplay options from the get-go. Double jump together around vertical locales, cloak up for synced takedowns, and spend ability points to gain skills like dual-wielding or knife-throwing. An RPG-like leveling system adds a rewarding drip-feed of overarching progression to the experience. These new features, along with the new two-player co-op, elevate Wolfenstein’s gameplay to new heights. Confronting a heavily-armored Nazi flamethrower trooper is more manageable when your partner can flank him and burst his gas tank. The sting of falling in battle is smoothed over by having your partner nearby for a quick revive. A treacherous boss battle against a power suit-equipped general is more dynamic thanks to his aggro being split between both players. Every aspect of Wolfenstein’s challenging, top-tier gunplay benefits from having a friend along for the ride. A few more highlights and random observations from my time with the game: Enemies now have health bars above their head – useful info for strategizing with a friend against heavily-armored foes. Leveling up mid-firefight restores your health, a classic RPG rite that’s handy in a pinch. Melee is more powerful than ever. Your hatchet or knife is invaluable for close-quarters executions. A “ping” system allows players to quickly tag ammo, armor, and other pickups in the area so their partner can find them. Each player gets their own pickups (e.g. that piece of body armor in the corner can be grabbed by both players – no squabbling!) The twins each have colorful emotes they can direct at one another for helpful buffs (e.g. Jes raising devil horns boosts Soph’s armor). If a downed partner isn’t revived before a timer runs out, one of the players’ shared lives will be spent. Prepare to team up with your most trusted co-op buddy and find B.J. Blazkowicz when Wolfenstein: Youngblood launches on PS4 July 26. Przeczytaj cały wpis
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    [PSNews] Citizens of Space Launches Tomorrow on PS4

    I’m Ryan Vandendyck, game director for Citizens of Space and the creator of the Citizens franchise, and this is a window into a subtle, but crucially important, element of the design of the Citizens games — namely, the diversity among the titular Citizens. The seed of the Citizens franchise began a decade ago in 2009 with a simple idea — what if regular people, the ones typically NPCs in most games, were the heroes? This simple idea was provocative enough to make us eager to explore the possibilities and we set to work on what would become Citizens of Earth, the first game in the Citizens series. But we quickly encountered the question of what these regular people would look like? If indeed the cast was meant to represent the people of Earth in Citizens of Earth and the people across our galaxy in Citizens of Space, we realized the cast would have to be diverse enough to be believably representative. This realization, far from being a restriction on us (as in, “Oh we need to make x more people that look like so-and-so, and more people that look like such-and-such”), ignited a fire of creativity that let us stretch our imaginations about the possibilities about who could be a hero. And since the average ‘hero’ in a video game is often pretty recognizable as a heroic type (how cliché to have a heroic character look heroic!), we realized we had a great opportunity to do something very different with our Citizens. In Citizens of Earth, we not only had an equal number of male and female Citizens (which was a balance we wanted to achieve from the outset) but Citizens of all ages, body-shapes, and in a variety of life circumstances. Since the game’s theme and story revolved around regular people being the heroes, we wanted the regular people playing the game to see themselves in the heroes they were able to recruit and utilize. And of course, there was a basic practical and aesthetic consideration here too — with 40 recruitable Citizens in both Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space, it’d be pretty boring if they all looked very similar! When transitioning from Citizens of Earth to Citizens of Space, we had a new challenge — we had to consider diversity for entirely new categories of beings, specifically robots and aliens. Now unlike Citizens of Earth, this was less to do with ensuring that everyone who plays the game can see themselves in the game’s heroes since we don’t expect many aliens or robots to play the game (but aren’t giving up hope of that happening!), but more about continuing the theme of diversity and bringing regular galactic folks into the spotlight as interstellar heroes. This broad diversity is a recurring theme within Citizens of Space, in that every Citizen you meet is unique in appearance and capabilities, both in battle and out. In battle, you can expect every Citizen to play a bit different, not only because of their battle abilities but also because of the new battle minigames that you can play to power up the abilities of the Citizens! And of course, since they’re regular people, every Citizen has a day job or, as we call it in the game, a Talent that you can use to expand your ability to interact with the world. If you like buying and utilizing items, level up the various store-based Citizens (like the Pizza Bot and Chef) to gain access to new and more powerful items. If you enjoy exploring the world, level up the Miner and Decorator to smash rocks and move aside blocks to access secret areas and reap the rewards of exploration. Or perhaps you appreciate more aesthetic touches — if so, level up the Composer to customize (permanently, if you so choose) the music that plays in various levels, the Meteorologist to play around with the game’s weather systems, or the Curator to take a look at behind-the-scenes concept art. And if you like advancing your mastery of game systems, consider leveling up your Assistant or the Ship to gain better control over battle frequency and fast travel respectively. Although the core of the Citizens franchise is a fun, comedic RPG adventure, I always like threading an underlying positive message into the games we make. And for the Citizens series that message is: just like how all of the ‘regular people’ in the game are unique and special heroes, so too is every ‘regular person’ in our world a unique and special hero and we’re thrilled to continue that message of diversity and intrinsic value of regular people in Citizens of Space. I can’t wait for you to meet and recruit the huge variety of Citizens when Citizens of Space launches tomorrow on PS4. Thanks, everyone! Przeczytaj cały wpis
  4. Greetings, PS VR fans! I’m Graeme and I’m the Tech Director and All-Hat-Wearer at Owlchemy Labs. We’re excited for Vacation Simulator to make a splash on PlayStation VR tomorrow, and today I’m going to share a bit about some of the most intricate tech in the game — water! From the beginning, we knew water was going to be a big part of Vacation Simulator. Large bodies of water that the player can directly stand in are featured prominently in all three of our destinations, and each of these brought different challenges to the development team. Our technical deep dive starts on Vacation Beach. On a beach, having water that both looks and feels good is essential to the vacationing experience. We experimented with different ways of rendering water and learned a lot about how the feeling of water changes when you’re in VR. Common tricks for cartoon-style water and animation just felt… off in VR. A flat plane of water is uncomfortable to stand in and makes you feel like you’re standing through a solid object, but waves that animate too intensely can also make you feel motion sickness. We had to strike the right balance of transparency, wave displacement, and textured layers of foam to create an ocean that both fits with our colorful art style while still being comfortable to stand — and splash! — in. Of course, having visually appealing water is great, but if it doesn’t react properly to your hands or other objects in the world, the illusion is immediately broken. At Owlchemy Labs we’re all about physics interactions, so we put together a system that makes items bob around and provides satisfying splash and ripple effects. All of this happens dynamically with all of the objects in the game, including ridiculous player-created objects like giant waffles or custom shrubs. Our system automatically figures out the best way to make things float based on their shape, volume, and other factors, blending realistic physics with those only possible in VR for the most fun. In Vacation Forest, water takes the form of a swiftly flowing river. The river is powered by the same buoyancy system that makes the beach work, but with a new twist: While the ocean focuses on gentle waves, rivers need to flow! The forest’s river has lots of turns, rocks for water to flow around, and even a small waterfall. We needed a way for water to flow around all these elements and translate that into water physics motion for not just items floating down the river, but the fish who live there as well! To do this, we created a map to show how the water should flow — in technical terms, a flow map. Lastly, the frosty climate of Vacation Mountain may not seem like the most obvious place for a body of water, but we didn’t want mountain vacationers to miss out on any of the fun! The lodge’s hot tub combines buoyancy with another one of our more complicated systems — temperature. It can be set to cold or hot, freezing items solid, heating them, and even cooking them! Of course, what’s a hot tub without jets? The flow feature we developed for the Forest’s river made it easy to get swirly in the hot tub as well. Large bodies of water are certainly complicated, from rendering to physics to the way they interact with all of our other systems, but we knew the world of Vacation Simulator wouldn’t be complete without them. Wherever you choose to vacation, we hope you enjoy splashing around and playing with all your favorite items in the water — and remember to stay hydrated! Bot Voyage, – Graeme @ Owlchemy Labs Vacation Simulator is available tomorrow, June 18, for PlayStation VR. Przeczytaj cały wpis
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    [PSNews] Mini-Mech Mayhem Launches Tomorrow for PS VR

    Mini-Mech Mayhem is out tomorrow and behind the bright and colorful aesthetic is a deceptively deep and highly-strategic experience. Whether you’re battling others online or tackling the AI in single player, you’ll need a playbook to guide your mech to victory. While there’s a robust tutorial, which includes 30 hand-crafted challenges to explore some more nuanced maneuvers, we at FuturLab would like to share some of our own strategies to help you towards total tabletop domination! Basic Training There are two phases to a match of Mini-Mech Mayhem: planning and action. In the planning phase, you must plan three actions — two moves and a shot, or two shots and a move. You won’t know what other players are going to do, so you need to predict your opponent’s behavior while remaining unpredictable yourself. In the action phase, you watch as moves are played out one after another. It’s here that you can use special intercept cards to change the course of a match. Intercepts cost power which is awarded at the start of each round, can be collected from the board or stolen from another player. There are 25 intercepts in total, so be sure to check out the intercept guide on the in-game settings menu for full details of what they all do. The aim of the game is to win yourself some Victory Points and it takes three to win a match. Victory Points are awarded for directly causing the destruction of an opponent with a projectile or push, or by ending a round on the victory square. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite, fiendishly fun ways to make that happen… The Vulture Don’t be afraid to fight dirty — your opponents almost certainly will! Try letting them do all the hard work to capture a victory square, then play a shuffle or rotate position intercept to end the turn in their spot and take it for yourself. The Cheap Shot Directly cause an opposing mech to fall into a hazard and you’ll score yourself a victory point. Headshots are a great way to do this so keep an eye on the victory square; if there’s an adjacent hazard, line yourself up with it and wait for an opponent to take the bait, then BAM! A headshot will knock them back and down they go. Like A Record, Baby You won’t get a victory point for a leg shot which diverts a mech into a hazard, but such an action might keep your plans on course and allow you to win one another way. If you think a mech will be heading for a square you’re on and you don’t want to get shoved out the way, hit ‘em in the leg to keep them off your back. Wherever your opponent is going, a leg shot is a great way to make sure they don’t get there. The Triple Play Sometimes it’s worth biding your time. Opponents with a victory point or two will make themselves a target of other players’ interceptions, leaving the quiet ones to line themselves up for a sudden strike to seal victory… In the example above, a victory point for each of the two mechs in the hole and finishing up on the victory square is enough to secure victory in a single action! Mini Mechs, Massive Mayhem Even the best laid plans of mechs and avatars can fall victim to some unpredictable intrusion. Whether it’s a freak wind knocking out the Spanish Armada or a cat jumping on the board in the middle of a chess match, forces beyond our control can often determine the course of battle, just like some intercepts here. Whether things end up in your favor or not, it’s best to just enjoy the chaos, hope the pieces fall in your favor and regroup to fight another day. Cool Metal Jacket Between bouts and away from the mechanized madness of the battlefield, there are tons of cosmetic items, dances and weapons available for personalizing your avatar and mech. We’ll be releasing more items in the coming weeks and months, giving you shiny new things to grab as you move through the levels to find and unlock that perfect outfit. Looking good might not help you win, but it can always make you feel better about losing! Przeczytaj cały wpis
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    [PSNews] PlayStation Blogcast 334: E3 2019 Impressions

    Email us at [email protected]! Subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, Google or RSS, or download here We just couldn’t resist a quick jaunt down to Los Angeles to get our hands on some of the new games being shown at E3 2019. Listen in for our thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Doom Eternal, and more. Enjoy! Stuff We Talked About E3 2019 Cyberpunk 2077 Final Fantasy VII Remake Borderlands 3 Control Doom Eternal The Cast Sid Shuman – Director of Social Media, SIEA Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SIEA Kristen Zitani – Social Media Specialist, SIEA Tim Turi – Senior Social Media Specialist, SIEA Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.] Przeczytaj cały wpis
  7. We’re revved up and ready to hit the track next week when Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled races to PS4! The bandicoot’s Beenox-developed racing return launches Thursday at PlayStation Store. Before that, you can dive in to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for some fresh new Igavania action, or Vacation Simulator, Owlchemy Labs’ follow-up to pioneering VR hit Job Simulator. Finally, legal action thriller Judgment launches Friday, from the team behind the legendary Yakuza series. But hey, there’s plenty more launching next week so keep on scrollin’ to see the full lineup. Enjoy the Drop! Another Sight (Extended) PS4 — Digital (Out 6/19) A teenager who has lost her sight (Kit) and a mysterious cat (Hodge) team up in a surreal fantasy adventure into the unexpected — both together and separately — each using their own unique talents to explore compelling environments and solve intriguing puzzles. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night PS4 — Digital, Retail Igavania Returns! Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse which slowly crystallizes her body. To save humanity, and herself in the process, she must fight through the castle and defeat the summoner, Gebel. Bring Them Home PS4 — Digital (Out 6/21) Bring Them Home is an exciting puzzle game in which you must rescue little astronauts by being clever and imaginative. Since each astronaut has unique abilities, complex puzzle worlds must be mastered to find a way out. Explore interesting locations, activate and use different mechanisms to bring the brave heroes home! Citizens of Space PS4 — Digital Representatives of the Galactic Federation, thank you for having me here tonight to celebrate Earth’s acceptance into this noble organization! It is an absolute honor to act as the Ambassador of Earth, a most honorable role, and… what’s that? Earth is… missing!? Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled PS4 — Digital (Out 6/20), Retail (Out 6/21) Crash is back in the driver’s seat! Get ready to go fur-throttle with Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. It’s the authentic CTR experience plus a whole lot more, now fully-remastered and revved up to the max. The stakes are high and the competition is fierce. It’s the CTR you love, now kicked into the highest gear. Crystal Crisis PS4 — Digital An all-star cast of heroes has gathered to test their mettle in Crystal Crisis, a cute and chaotic new color-matching combat game! Crystal Crisis is presented like a one-on-one fighting game, in which players attack by arranging colorful falling crystals and clearing them from the screen. It’s the ultimate puzzle battle throwdown! Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy) Get the Sword of Ages, travel to the future and try to live long enough to brag about it! Drawing inspiration from old school platformers, Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior is an arcade title with some beat ‘em up gameplay qualities. Judgment PS4 — Digital (Out 6/21), Retail (Out 6/25) From the team that brought you the Yakuza series comes Judgment, a gritty tale of disgraced attorney Takayuki Yagami in his quest for redemption. Haunted by his past, he takes up arms as a private detective, clawing his way through Kamurocho’s underground crime network to investigate a string of grisly murders. Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry PS4 — Digital (Out 6/19) Larry’s new adventure takes him — whatever the route or twist of fate — from the end of the ’80s directly into the 21st century and wow, how the world has changed! Luna PS VR, PS4 — Digital A Bird’s peaceful summer slumber is disturbed by the majestic call of a mysterious Owl. Enticed to swallow the last piece of the waning Moon, Bird is blown far from its Golden Gate home. Unscramble celestial puzzles and create miniature musical worlds. Luna is an interactive fable about learning by the light of unexpected mistakes. Mars Alive PS VR — Digital Mars Alive is a survival PS VR game in the open world. After a terrifying explosion, the whole colony was destroyed. As an astronaut staying on Mars, explore the planet and collect resources to survive in this brutal world. Reveal the truth behind the civilization on this red planet, which is full of mystery and conspiracy. Mini-Mech Mayhem PS VR — Digital Join your lil’ Mech buddy to plan a flawless strategy, then marvel at just how wrong you were! Not to worry, play some power actions to get your team back on track, or dare to trust in your instincts and crafty skills, and pull off a stunning win! Project Lux PS VR — Digital (Out 6/20) Our story takes place in a court trial, set in a futuristic world where most humans have cyberbrains. The defendant on trial is an agent who coordinates with artists to create the data for cyberbrains to interact with people’s emotions. The jury has to investigate what really happened by reliving the memory data of the defendant. Slum Ball PS VR — Digital Slum Ball is a physics-based paddle ball game with an objective to collect as many points as possible. Slum Ball is a fun way to exercise and gain coordination without even realizing it! Underworld Ascendant PS4 — Digital (Out 6/20) Enter The Stygian Abyss, a dangerous, highly interactive dungeon world. Mix and match dozens of combat, stealth and magic skills to develop your own unique style of play. Set out on more than 70 quests, earn rewards and unlock skills. Become The Ascendant. Vacation Simulator PS VR — Digital Welcome to the Vacation Simulator, a rough approximation of VACATION inspired by real human NOT JOBBING, brought to you by the same robots behind the Job Simulator. Reallocate your bandwidth and get ready to splash, s’more, snowball, and selfie your way to optimal relaxation! Goal Power: Rock Bastille – Doom Days Cliff Martinez – Too Old to Die Young JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 004 Fast Color Bare Knuckle FC 6: Malignaggi vs Lobov Don’t miss live coverage Friday, 6/14 at 11PM ET on TBS Season Premiere Tuesday, 6/18 at 8/7c on Freeform PlayStation Vue has your favorite sports, news and must-watch shows. The information above is subject to change without notice. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  8. The 4th Inning Program goes live in MLB The Show 19 at 12:00pm PT. With this update (Internet connection required) you can choose from three new diamond player rewards, including Cal Ripken Jr. All three of the bosses are Signature Series 98-99 overall! Each week since the launch of MLB The Show 19, there has been new content to the Diamond Dynasty mode at no additional cost once you own the game. This week’s update includes: New Program with Diamond choice packs, customized equipment and stadium sounds. New Moments to relive some of the most storied baseball memories from the last century. Rewards in single-player Conquest mode and in the multiplayer Ranked Seasons where you bring your best team to the field. 4th Inning Program Bosses Battle the new bosses in pressure-packed games, or play with them in fast-paced Moments. As you complete Program challenges and games, you will earn Program Stars to unlock a special choice pack that lets you keep one of three Bosses. Who will you choose? 1. Signature Series Cal Ripken Jr. (SS) The Iron Man is one of the most beloved players in Baltimore history. Choose this Legend if you want a shortstop with amazing fielding and throwing who can also hit the long ball. 2. Signature Series Andrew McCutchen (CF) Are you looking for that anomaly with speed and a big bat? Then choose the MVP outfielder Andrew McCutchen, who has made five All-Star appearances and four silver slugger awards. 3. Signature Series Billy Wagner (CP) Do you need a lights-out closer to round-off your squad? Billy Wagner has the uncanny ability to get outs that you need. Choose Billy the Kid and you will never feel regret in the ninth inning. Earn Program Stars The 4th Inning Program brings new Moments featuring major events in each Boss’s career as well as opportunities to battle against them in fantasy situations with your Diamond Dynasty team. Earn Program Stars by: Playing games in Diamond Dynasty Completing daily Missions Completing all goals in the new 4th Inning Conquest Map Completing 4th Inning Moments Earn Program Rewards On the journey to 300 Program Stars where you can claim your Boss Choice Pack, you will unlock a number of unique rewards. There are more choice packs with Gold and Diamond players, custom equipment, bat flip animations, a unique patriotic Louisville Slugger bat skin to equip to your Created Player or your Diamond Dynasty squad, and much more. Look for more 4th Inning Content to arrive next week. Play ball! Days of Play Sale! Get MLB The Show 19 and Stubs on sale now! Get 20% to 40% off on MLB The Show 19 Stubs ending on June 17. Follow MLB The Show on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube or Facebook and be up-to-date on all of the latest content releases, and roster updates. *PlayStation Plus required to play multiplayer modes. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  9. Last week, we asked you to venture to the new lands of Elsweyr in The Elder Scrolls Online. While fighting dragons, meeting Khajiit, and upgrading your armor, you sent us your most adventurous shots using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s heroic highlights: @gaymer_gallery shared the beauty of Azura. @Whigfield78 shows off their stunning surroundings. @jd.the.duke shares a portrait of their cooking Khajiit. Another brave Khajiit hero, shared by @Darkstar818. There’s no way we weren’t going to share this adorable NPC, found by @chocoboCPU. @don__clean answers the question of who would win a fight between a werewolf and a dragon. Search #PS4Share and #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in next week’s Share of the Week? Theme: PS VR Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, June 19 Grab your #PSVR headset, Share of the Week is diving into virtual reality. This week, send us your best PS VR moments — screenshot or video — from the game of your choice for a chance to be featured. Don’t forget #PS4share and #PSBlog! Przeczytaj cały wpis
  10. One of my standout E3 demos this year was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a “reimagining” of the seminal 2007 shooter classic, also developed by Infinity Ward. Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki introduced a new sequence set early in the game. The mission: intercept a group suspected of participating in a devastating terrorist attack in London. Afterwards, I got a chance to speak with Taylor. “From day one, we knew the kind of game we wanted to make, the kind of story we wanted to tell. We looked at the words Modern Warfare. What does that mean today? What would that look like?” The sequence I saw was a nailbiter, a slow, stealthy infiltration set a multi-story townhouse in northern London. Equipped with night vision goggles, the squad crept through the cramped stairwells, quietly ambushing the occupants while they ate and talked. Then, all hell broke loose. “The demo you saw today doesn’t delve deeply into the characters,” Kurosaki said. “The main character wants to make a difference. He wants to do more, and feels like he can’t. As soon as he says those words, Captain Price says, ‘you’re with me.'” “If you [want to take the gloves off, and be effective],” Kurosaki continued, “…be careful what you wish for.” If Infinity Ward is aiming to create a grounded narrative that captures the ambiguity of war, they’re on the right path. The demo was by turns suspenseful and exhilarating. Kurosaki explained that Infinity Ward doesn’t plan to pull any punches. “It should make you think. This is a very sensitive subject. This is not a pro-war game… It’s a critique. And it exposes how deadly serious this stuff is. We’re not beholden to anybody, and nothing is off limits. We critique the superpowers, we critique how they fight in these regions of conflict.” Kurosaki explained that the inspiration for this reimagined Modern Warfare came from meticulous research with a host of consultants, from veterans of the SAS, CIA, and Navy Seals. “We do our research because we want to get this right,” Kurosaki said. “We realize how important it is to treat this subject with reverence and respect.” “Some of our consultants say, ‘we had imperfect intel. We were fighting in an area that was blurry, that wasn’t black or white. And yet we are expected to be perfect. That is the burden that we carry. And we know we have to be perfect.'” “It’s not lip service,” Kurosaki continued. “It’s straight from the horse’s mouth.” “But it’s not relentless, either. There are moments of levity and camaraderie… It has heart, it has characters that you care about, and root for. It puts you into the shoes of these fighters.” Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes to PS4 on October 25. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  11. Dominating in Doom has always been about moving, shooting, and moving some more. The iconic FPS series reinvented itself in 2016 by forcing players into intimate tooth and nail battles. Doom Eternal ratchets up the intensity while layering on sinfully fun traversal options, resulting in a delightful dance of improvised chaos. Doom Eternal’s new traversal options and weapon mods are initially a bit overwhelming. A tidy tutorial in the E3 build introduces options to double jump, air dash, climb walls, scorch enemies with an integrated flamethrower, and tap into tons of new alt-fire weapon features. I’ve devoured every Doom title to date, but the wealth of new features gave me pause. But when the fireballs started flying, everything clicked. Like jumping out of a speeding car – Doom’s demonic ambushes forced me to hit the ground running. The core of Doom Eternal’s gameplay still involves running, gunning, and “glory killing” demons to replenish your health. In a similar vein, the new Flame Belch flamethrower helps you earn armor shards, which you’ll need to endure this sequel’s tough foes. Even basic Imps seem more nimble and aggressive than the previous game, so be on the alert. A new Blood Punch ability further ratchets up melee, empowering you to (occasionally) splatter entire groups with a single mighty blow. Remembering to tap into these new kills is half the challenge, but the results are so cathartic that it soon becomes second nature. Doom Eternal bestows devastating additions to its beloved arsenal. The Plasma Cannon packs a punch and boasts a retro Doom aesthetic — its new alt fire also enables you to microwave foes into puddles of goo. The Super Shotgun is a close-range destroyer, but the real beauty is the Meathook that grapples you towards distant foes to facilitate point-blank carnage. A new rail gun-esque Ballista boasts a secondary fire that launches an exploding bolt to devastate flying enemies like Cacodemons. This is the most bad-ass weapon lineup in Doom history, and we haven’t even seen it all. Exotic weaponry is only fun if you’re alive to use it. Luckily, Doom Eternal’s new traversal options up the survival odds. In my demo, the double jump allowed me to mantle to better vantage points. The double dash ability helps dodge lunging foes, and quickly closing the gap for glory kills. These jumps and dashes are crucial for platforming through Hell’s obstacles, along with new wall-climbing sections. So far, Doom Eternal’s environmental traversal challenges are even more engaging and puzzly than the previous game. Mick Gordon’s aggressively energetic score never seems to stop, even when you die and the game has to reload your last checkpoint. Instead, it dynamically and seamlessly swaps to a more subdued version of whichever track is playing. This, along with plenty of other touches and techniques built into this scorching sequel, keeps the adrenaline pumping even when you’re loading up that second (or third, or eighth) attempt at an encounter. My blistering time with Doom Eternal was so fast-paced that my memory is a blur of blood, bullets, and fire. Below are some other insights I gathered while stretching to use all the new gameplay features: Use the Flame Belch to ignite crowds of enemies before finishing them off, scoring a wealth of armor pickups. The new shoulder-mounted grenade also rewards armor shards, and is a perfect on-the-fly splash damage option if you can’t swap to the Rocket Launcher. Never stop moving. Always assume a speedy demon is right behind you. In big arena battles, carve a looping “line” with lots of verticality to keep one step ahead of enemies. Use and abuse the double jump and dash to dart across the battlefield and avoid random enemy fire. Don’t give up if you’re low on health or ammo. That next kill may provide the pickups you need to survive the fight. Return to Hell and up your demon-slaying game when Doom Eternal hits PS4 November 22. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  12. We’re pleased to announce that Days of Play is back! This annual global promotion celebrates the passionate PlayStation community, with a huge thank you from us for all of your support this past year. Because of you, PlayStation continues to be the best place to play, while driving success for games like God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man. From June 7-17, you can find awesome deals on hardware, peripherals and a bunch of PlayStation 4 exclusive games at participating retailers across the U.S. and Canada, while supplies last. We are also introducing a 1TB PS4 Days of Play Limited Edition for $299.99 USD / $379.99 CAD (MSRP) on June 7. The limited-edition console in Steel Black features the iconic PlayStation Shapes embossed in silver on the top surface, alongside a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller. This special Days of Play PS4 will be available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out! Other awesome deals throughout the 11 days include: Jet Black 1TB PS4 Pro – $349.99 USD / $449.99 CAD (MSRP) PlayStation VR bundles – starting at $249.99 USD / $329.99 CAD (MSRP) DualShock 4 wireless controller (all colors) – starting at $39.99 USD / $49.99 CAD (MSRP) Days Gone, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, MLB The Show 19 – starting at $19.99 USD / $29.99 CAD (MSRP) PlayStation Hits games – starting at $9.99 USD/CAD (MSRP) Catalog titles – check with your local retailer What’s more? Starting June 7, PlayStation Store will be offering awesome deals for digital blockbuster games, as well as deals on PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. There will also be a discount on select officially licensed merchandise on the PlayStation Gear Store. Stay tuned for more info here on PS Blog and over on the Days of Play site. Thanks again to all of you for your tremendous support this past year. Happy gaming! Przeczytaj cały wpis
  13. It’s Blood & Truth launch day! After years of hard work, the team here at London Studio are thrilled to finally get our all-action PS VR blockbuster into your hands. If you have seen our launch trailer, you will know “Be the action hero!” was our mantra in the design of Blood & Truth. I see it when I close my eyes at night! The game puts the player at the very center of an action movie where they are the hero. Alongside some incredible blockbuster moments, we also focussed on including some smaller touches to ensure that every moment feels as epic as possible. Here are 20 moments in Blood & Truth that will make you feel like a true action hero: You can dual-wield a weapon in either hand and fire them! You can still grab ammo from your chest pouch and reload them, but for true heroics do it in slow-motion as you jump through a window or off a building. Reloading normally is for chumps! How about throwing your magazine in the air and catching it in your gun? Some weapons have extra interactions, which improve their performance. For example, put your hand over the hammer of the revolver to fan it and get a faster fire rate. Flick shut the revolver and sawn-off after loading them so you can fire quicker. Use your teeth to pull out grenade pins! There is so much fun to be had with grenades! You can ‘bake’ a grenade by pulling the pin before you throw it to get a slightly shorter detonation time. Roll grenades and bounce them off walls and they will detonate instantly if you hit your target. For ultimate style points, catch an enemy grenade and throw it back at them! Even better, activate precision mode and shoot the grenade before it lands to take them out! Awesome! You earn mods and gun skins by collecting Stars. These are awarded for mission scores, hitting hidden targets and finding collectables. We have silencers, extended magazines, sights and laser pointers that you can attach to the weapons in your collection! The gun skins are just for fun, but you can seriously show off by customizing your pump-action shotgun in hot pink or your revolver in classy gold! This deserves a special mention because nothing says action hero quite like the thunk of a grenade launcher. Particularly when aimed at a 4×4 or attack helicopter. You’ll unlock the grenade launcher when you play through the missions, but you can also unlock a sub-barrel grenade launcher mod for the assault rifle and semi-automatic rifle. You can quickly switch between the gun’s normal fire mode and grenade launcher with the Triangle button. If you just want to show off, hold down Triangle and flick your wrist to spin your gun on your trigger finger. Brilliant with a 9mm pistol, awesome with an SMG, totally off-the-scale with a pair of sawn-off shotguns! There are so many things you can do in the middle of a gun fight. Try turning up the car radio while taking out an enemy’s tire. Stagger an enemy with successful rapid fire and watch them clutch onto their injured limbs. Activate precision mode and land a lethal kill shot. Try out your music skills by cross fading and adding samples on the DJ decks in the casino! Getting headshots in precision mode will extend the time you are in it — so make sure you’re accurate! Give a thumbs up or your best hand gestures as you put a bullet into a gas canister. Knock down enemies in run ‘n’ gun sequences by driving your fist into their skulls, or for extra style, try pistol-whipping. These are just a few of the epic touches we’ve included in the game to make you feel like an action hero — there are plenty more to discover for yourself when you start playing. We can’t wait to see you create your own action hero moments when you get your hands on Blood & Truth, starting today. We’re also happy to confirm today that we will be supporting the game with free DLC post-launch, such as online leaderboards, new time attack and score challenges, New Game+, and an additional Hard Mode for those of you who want to up the ante. So, get your hands on Blood & Truth, available starting today, and test your hand at the 20 tricks! We hope you enjoy the game and be the action hero. Przeczytaj cały wpis
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    [PSNews] Luna Lands on PS4 & PS VR June 18

    Hi I’m Robin Hunicke, CEO and co-founder of Funomena, and I’m pleased today to announce that Luna’s new Storybook Edition will be available June 18 on PS4 and PS VR! This game is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. For starters, this marks Funomena’s first ever release for PlayStation. Martin Middleton and I founded Funomena after working together on Journey for PS3. Our explicit goal was to create a diverse & inclusive studio that would explore the future of games and game hardware. So you can imagine how excited we were when PS VR was announced. Releasing a game for the platform is a dream come true! Luna is also the first commercial title we released as a studio, and so it marks the culmination of so many first-time efforts for us as a team: from raising the money to make it and finding our very first office space, to recruiting our team, learning to collaborate and shipping our first VR title. So many wonderful people helped us along the way, there is an immense element of gratitude that is inherent in this release as well. Creatively, Luna is also an incredibly personal title, with elements of each teammate woven deeply into its environments and storyline. I began designing it while working through some big changes in my life. During that time, I felt like there was a constant “scribble” in my belly — a knot of energy that was nervous, anxious, excited and afraid all at once. Over time, I began to realize that there were elements from my past that contributed to this feeling, and as I learned more about trauma and recovery, I began wondering: could making a game help me let my “scribble” go? As the team grew, we spent a lot of time talking about how being creative is one of the best ways to communicate how past experiences have shaped us. We took this notion of making art to heal into the mechanics, building a tactile audio-visual experience that defied traditional game labels. A meditative, sculptural fairytale about letting go of mistakes and learning to heal others by working to heal yourself. I think a lot about this idea: that by spending more time helping ourselves feel relaxed, peaceful and in touch with our own creative value, each of us can add joy and peace to what is often a very chaotic, unpredictable and stressful world. While games with thrills and action have their place, so do titles like Luna, which give you free reign to zone out, stretch and shape some trees, play a tune on some musical lily pads, and pet a bird. Yes, you can pet the bird. :D I don’t want to say too much more about the game itself, as it is better experienced than explained. But in closing, I will say that this title exemplifies Funomena’s core belief that games should explore the full spectrum of play experiences — from silly and playful to contemplative and creative. Because play is a vast ocean of possible experiences, and we have so many wonderful new places to go. We look forward to sharing Luna with you and hearing what you think of it! – Luna’s watercolor, folded look was influenced in part by Robin’s own exploration of origami: https://funomenalfolding.tumblr.com Przeczytaj cały wpis
  15. Email us at [email protected]! Subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, Google or RSS, or download here On this week’s Blogcast, the gang looks forward to Trover Saves the Universe, a raunchy PS VR hootenanny from the creator of Rick and Morty. Plus, Blood & Truth, Five Nights at Freddy’s… and one final Game of Thrones spoilercast. Stuff We Talked About Trover Saves the Universe Destiny 2 balance changes Video game crossovers we wish would happen Blood & Truth Game of Thrones (last time, promise! (Probably!)) The Cast Sid Shuman – Director of Social Media, SIEA Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SIEA Kristen Zitani – Social Media Specialist, SIEA Tim Turi – Senior Social Media Specialist, SIEA Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.] Przeczytaj cały wpis
  16. Take heed, VR aficionados: Three heavy hitters land on PlayStation VR next week. Take on the gritty London underworld in Blood & Truth, the full-fledged blockbuster follow-up to PlayStation VR Worlds’ The London Heist. Try to survive the night (bonus points for not soiling your undergarments) in Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted, a series “greatest hits” collection of sorts… with some brand-new content built just for VR. Or set off on an adventure that could only come from the mind of Justin Roiland (trust us, you’ll see) in Trover Saves the Universe. For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop! Blood & Truth PS VR — Digital, Retail Star in your own explosive action movie blockbuster with this PS VR exclusive shooter. Battle through the crime-ridden London underworld as elite soldier Ryan Marks in your deadliest mission yet… to save your family from a ruthless criminal empire. Wreak havoc through an unpredictable story packed with twists and shocking revelations. Cricket 19 PS4 — Digital (Out 5/29) Lead your team to international glory with Cricket 19. The truly global cricket simulation from Big Ant Studios, the leading name in authentic, realistic cricket action, Cricket 19 allows you to take control of your team, from club through national level, and lead them to T20, ODI, or Test Match glory. DayZ PS4 — Digital (Out 5/29) The post-soviet country of Chernarus is struck by an unknown virus, turning the majority population into frenzied infected. Fighting over resources has bred a hostile mentality among survivors, driving what’s left of humanity to collapse. You are one of the few immune to the virus — how far will you go to survive? DragonfangZ – The Rose and Dungeon of Time PS4 — Digital (Out 5/29) This game offers a nostalgic and new experience. It is a wonderful roguelike RPG that will test your bravery! Rose is half human and half dragon. One day, she wanders into a world called the Tree of Time with her nanny, Fairy. Your courage and growth will be the key to clear the dungeon! Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted PS VR — Digital Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted is a collection of classic and original mini-games set in the Five Nights universe. Survive terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics in a collection of new and classic Five Nights at Freddy’s experiences. “Where fantasy and fun come to life!” Golem Gates PS4 — Digital Golem Gates is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi blend of action-strategy and card battler, pitting your conjured armies against otherworldly forces. Choose from 100 cards (known as Glyphs) and unleash diverse units, buildings, buffs, and more in tactical combat across single player, co-op, and multiplayer. The House in Fata Morgana PS Vita — Digital, Retail (Cross-Buy) A gothic suspense tale set in a cursed mansion. The House in Fata Morgana is a full-length visual novel spanning nearly a millennium that deals in tragedy, human nature, and insanity. This recent blog post has more details about the purchase options. Lapis x Labyrinth PS4 — Digital, Retail Help a struggling town recover from bankruptcy in an age of dwindling adventuring. Recruit and customize your team of adventurers in this high-voltage action platformer. Behind every monster inside the Labyrinth could be unfathomable treasures, endless gold, or perhaps, even more terrible nightmares. Layers of Fear 2 PS4 — Digital Layers of Fear 2 is a first-person psychological horror game with an emphasis on exploration and story. Players control a Hollywood actor who heeds the call of an enigmatic director to take on the lead role in a film shot aboard an ocean liner. Beware, for all may not truly be what it seems. Super Cane Magic ZERO PS4 — Digital (Out 5/30) Cake the Wizard is dead, and his Magic Dog is out of control! Can you save the world? Can you save the Dog? Gear up, eat rocks, throw banana-boomerangs and fight a Giant Potato! Explore a huge game world, unlock over 15 playable characters and collect hundreds of items and perks in this local co-op Action RPG for 1 to 4 players! Super Tennis Blast PS4 — Digital (Out 5/24) Smash that ball and have a real blast enjoying the best tennis! Start your professional career in the World Tour mode, train your skills and become a tennis legend playing on courts around the world. Host couch parties playing tournaments in singles or doubles with classic rules or the awesome Super Blast modes. Trover Saves the Universe PS4, PS VR — Digital, Retail (Out 5/31) Your dogs have been dognapped by a beaked lunatic who stuffed them into his eye holes and is using their life essence to destroy the universe. You’re partnered with Trover, a little purple eye-hole monster who isn’t a huge fan of working or being put in the position of having to save the universe. Unruly Heroes PS4 — Digital Take control of four unlikely heroes that battle a diverse lineup of enemies and show off your kung-fu skills in this action-packed adventure. Seamlessly swap between heroes and journey west across stunning different environments in order to hunt for the scattered remnants of the Sacred Scroll. Warlock’s Tower PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy) Warlock’s Tower is a retro puzzler with elegantly designed levels around one simple rule: one move equals one life lost. Playing as mailman Tim, brave the tower’s maddening puzzles to reach the top and deliver a peace offering to the Warlock. John Wick Playlist Rocketman Soundtrack Flying Lotus – Flamagra Naruto Shippuden Captain Marvel Ultimate Movie Weekend Season premiere Wednesday, 5/29 at 10PM PT on FXX The action starts Thursday, 5/30 at 9PM ET live on ABC PlayStation Vue has your favorite sports, news and must-watch shows. The information above is subject to change without notice. Przeczytaj cały wpis
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    [PSNews] Share of the Week: Rage 2

    Last week, we asked you to dive headfirst into the frenzied and frenetic world of Rage 2. While roaming around and making things go boom in style, you shared your wildest moments using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: @ilikesomegames captured the well lit entrance to Wellspring. @BadGamerElite shared this moody neon-lit portrait. @DarkLink1987 showed off some of the grimey underworld settings. Loving the armor on this character, captured by @MrTJ_808. @AreeLyBadPun really made things go boom. @JustN2bad captured this serene corner of the world. Search #PS4Share and #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in next week’s Share of the Week? Theme: Red Dead Online Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, May 29 Next week, we’re heading back to the old west in Red Dead Online. Hop on your horse and grab your outlaw’s camera to snap some action-filled shares using #PS4share and #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  18. Welcome to an inside look into the design process for Layers of Fear 2, launching on PS4 Tuesday. We have a specific vision for the games we create, we call it ‘hidden horror.’ It has only two guiding principles: 1) it has to have a subject (most often psychological or sociological in nature); 2) playing the game should bring a cathartic experience, but not only as a way of relieving us from fear but also as a means of growing our self-understanding — we provide moral dilemmas in decisions and situations presented in the game in hopes that people will stop for a second and actually ponder on the consequences. We call it Catharsis 2.0. In Layers of Fear 2, we use this stage to tell the tale of an actor who is losing his grip on reality as he struggles with his own identity, both as a performer and a person. Pushed to his acting limits by an eccentric and demanding director, the protagonist will need to live through his personal nightmare. The world shifts, rooms change based on your point of view, and nothing should ever be considered absolute. From Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Méliès — a work we admire to such an extent that it was the code-name for this project — to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, close observers will notice many callbacks to some of the greatest films in the history of cinematography from obvious references, to far more subtle ones. It would take someone very knowledgeable in decades of film to see them all and know them for what they are. We take these scenes as inspiration and adjust them, sometimes twist them, to help you understand the psychological point of view of the protagonist. You aren’t necessarily seeing the world as it is; you are seeing it through the eyes of this specific person, with their specific history. What you see may not always be what is there, but does that make it any less real? With Layers of Fear 2, there are no simple answers to the situations you encounter. We don’t want to tell you what is right or wrong. We want you to make choices and then see how your decisions have determined where you end up. This allows everyone who plays to experience something that may be similar, but it affects us in different ways. Our underlying thoughts alter what we take away from the game, and that is a beautiful thing. Our goal is to have you think about what your choices would be in the same type of situation, likely with less supernatural circumstances, and act upon them, or not. The choice is yours, as is your interpretation of what we have created. Layers of Fear 2 will launch on PS4 next Tuesday, and is available to pre-order right now at PlayStation Store. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  19. It’s the Survival of the Fastest, and you’ll need to bring your best as you race for the fate of the planet! With Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, we at Beenox are thrilled to bring back the groundbreaking campaign mode from the original CTR, the Adventure Mode, which pits you against the nefarious alien Nitros Oxide. Oxide claims to be the fastest racer in the galaxy, and his challenge is simple: he will square off against the best racer on Earth. If he wins, he turns the planet to a parking lot. If he loses, he leaves Earth alone. Choose your favorite racer, earn your place as Earth’s best by collecting trophies and defeating bosses, and then square off against Oxide to save the planet… talk about high stakes! The Adventure Mode’s Legacy My introduction to Crash Team Racing in 1999 was with the Adventure Mode, and it is still the part of the game that has left the biggest impression on me over the years. At Beenox, we believe that so much of the joy of CTR Nitro-Fueled will come from racing against your friends in local or online play. But we also feel strongly that a big part of what made CTR special in the ‘90s, and what will make CTR Nitro-Fueled special in 2019, is this single-player campaign experience. It was a unique thing to see a campaign mode in a kart racer. This was relatively new for the genre, and in true Crash Bandicoot fashion it was filled to the brim with the wacky personality you came to expect from the franchise. I remember endless nights honing my skills, feeling that sense of progression, and experiencing the satisfaction of earning new characters as I raced my way to the final confrontation with Oxide. It was the most engaging experience I ever had with a kart racer, which is something that I have kept in mind while working on the Adventure Mode for CTR Nitro-Fueled. The Adventure Mode: Nitro-Fueled In bringing the Adventure Mode back, we knew we had to hit all the elements that made the original so special. The challenges are the same — there are trophy races, boss races, relic races, token races, and gem cups. The characters are back — choose from Crash, Coco, Cortex, Polar, Pura, Tiny or any of the other starting lineup characters you remember from the original. And the thrill of earning new characters (like Ripper Roo and Pinstripe Pontoroo) is still a huge part of the fun. However, we wanted to take things a step further for CTR Nitro-Fueled. Instead of just earning the boss characters like in the original, players will now earn something every time they win a race. Players will be getting new kart parts, character skins, or kart customization items with every victory. Also, players will now earn the boss characters immediately after they beat that boss, instead of after Gem Cups (which now unlock a new set of valuable prizes). This includes the ability to earn Nitros Oxide himself — though that is no easy task! Finally, players will now have the opportunity to change to any racer, kart, or customization item they have already unlocked at any point in the Adventure Mode. Are you feeling like Crash gives you the best chance in Crash Cove, but Pura will dominate the competition in Tiger Temple? Swap him in! Do you dig that sweet new paint job you got after beating Ripper Roo? Immediately style your kart out with it. Did you earn enough Wumpa Coins to grab N. Trance from the game’s Pit Stop? Get ready to bring that egg-shaped villain into the fray. It’s all about earning new items, new characters, new karts, and making the experience feel like your own. However, we know that there will be players out there who want to commit to one racer and one kart from the outset, just like in the original. For that reason, players will have the option of playing the Adventure Mode in one of two different ways: Classic or Nitro-Fueled. In the Classic setting, racers will still be earning all of the awesome items, characters, and karts as in the Nitro-Fueled setting, but won’t be able to change their racer or kart in the middle of the Adventure Mode. For those players looking to mix things up along the way, the Nitro-Fueled setting is for you. An Engaging Single-Player Experience We’re super excited about everything you can now earn in the Adventure Mode, but it’s important to emphasize that the story and a great single-player experience are still at the heart of it. There are new intro and victory cinematics that give life to each of the boss battles. We’ve spent a lot of effort to make sure that the hub worlds are more detailed than ever before. Working through each hub world and finally beating Oxide will bring an amazing sense of accomplishment. In short, in CTR Nitro-Fueled, the Adventure Mode will take you for a ride, will test your skills, and will immerse you in the true Crash Team Racing experience! Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled peels out onto PS4 June 21. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  20. Hi everyone! I’m Douglas Bogart, COO of Limited Run Games. We’re a small company whose primary mission is to preserve digital games in physical form and bring them to you, the fans of these games. We believe that every game is an important piece of history that should be available in a tangible form for future generations to enjoy. Since 2015, we’ve enjoyed bringing PlayStation fans their favorite digital games in a highly collectible format that respects the developers’ hard work and artistic vision. It’s with great pleasure that Limited Run Games is coming out with our first localized game straight from Japan, The House in Fata Morgana, from Keika Hanada of Novectacle for PS4 and PS Vita! The House in Fata Morgana is a gothic tale set in a cursed mansion spanning nearly a millennium that deals in tragedy, human nature, and insanity. Your character wakes up with amnesia and meets a maid in the mansion. The two of you visit the mansion in different time periods to learn what has happened to its residents in the past and to regain your lost memories. The game was originally made to run in an 800×600 resolution, but we’ve rebuilt the game contents for these new versions to support up to 4K resolutions, which allows it to shine on the PS4 Pro. Other changes to the game include an updated UI design, refurbished backgrounds, enhancement of effects, remaking several art pieces, and more. This new content hasn’t been seen anywhere else and will debut with this release! Our release of The House in Fata Morgana will include: The House in Fata Morgana: the main storyline. A Requiem for Innocence: a prequel shedding light on the origins of Fata Morgana’s terrible curse. Reincarnation: a sequel featuring the central cast members reincarnated in the present day. Other additional short stories! We will also have a collector’s edition available for $84.99 that includes: The game (PS4 or PS Vita) Official soundtrack on six physical CDs 60+ page art book 18-inch x 24-inch poster The digital version of the game will be $39.99 on both platforms at PS Store. The PS Vita version will be available on May 28, and the PS4 version will be available on June 11. The physical version of the game will be $49.99 and available exclusively at www.limitedrungames.com on Friday, May 31. There will be two batches of the game; the first batch will go live at 7 AM PDT / 10 AM EDT and the second batch will go live at 3 PM PDT / 6 PM EDT. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Keika Hanada and release this acclaimed visual novel in the West. We hope that everyone sees how much work and care was put into this project! Przeczytaj cały wpis
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    [PSNews] Path of Exile: Legion Launches June 10

    Grinding Gear Games is proud to announce Path of Exile: Legion! Set to launch on June 10, it’s the first of many expansions to come since our official PlayStation 4 launch in mid-March this year. Set in the dark world of Wraeclast, Path of Exile is a free-to-play game that provides significant expansions every 13 weeks. Each expansion introduces a new challenge league, powerful items, skill gems, a shake-up of Path of Exile’s playstyle meta and much, much more. Path of Exile: Legion is no exception. It offers an exciting new twist on core Path of Exile gameplay that boasts a thrilling rush and endless replayability. As you explore Wraeclast, you’ll discover Timeless Monoliths in every area. When you tag the Monolith, you’ll uncover legions from Wraeclast’s history frozen in mid-battle. Dealing damage to these enemies will unbind them from their frozen state, but be careful not to bite off more than you can chew — once the Monolith’s effect wears off you’ll then be thrust into combat with these freed warriors. But if you can handle the fray, you’ll be met with lucrative rewards and power! Among other powerful new items, each legion drops splinters from their factions which can be combined into emblems and used in a map device to unlock the Domain of Timeless Conflict. Inside this domain, the timeless battle rages on. The most hardened players can challenge themselves against this swarming horde and even take on the general of each legion. There are five legions from different backgrounds and all unlock their own rewards. If fighting two legions simultaneously isn’t hard enough, it’s possible to work your way up to the grand conflict between all five armies. Path of Exile: Legion also introduces new ways to play! With this expansion, we’re introducing several new skills based around two new melee-based Archetypes, the Blood and Sand Gladiator and Rage Berserker. These are sure to be complemented by our huge overhaul to Path of Exile’s melee combat system. We’ve revitalized the systems that affect melee gameplay the most, to make them more powerful and feel more satisfying to play. This includes changes to movement skills, targeting, animation systems, accuracy and more changes than are possible to list here. In addition to these system changes, we’ve also rebalanced almost all melee skills to create an entirely new combat experience. If you’re unfamiliar with Path of Exile challenge leagues, here’s what you need to know! Each challenge league has Standard (experience penalty on death) and Hardcore (permanent death) modes. There are also solo versions of each of these event types where trading is disabled, for those who love to really push themselves. Among the most compelling reasons to get involved in these new leagues is to take advantage of the fresh item economy, explore the new game content and compete against other exiles on the ranked ladder. As you slay your way across Wraeclast, you can unlock exclusive cosmetic microtransactions that make your character look as powerful as you feel. There is so much more blood, grit and glory to be discovered in Path of Exile: Legion. Come check it out for yourself on June 10. See you in Wraeclast, Exiles! Przeczytaj cały wpis
  22. PlayStation Plus members, get ready to see (and save) double! Hit up the scroll bar as we bring you a comprehensive list of titles featuring PS Plus savings up to 80 percent. Non-members enjoy discounts up to 40 percent. Over the next two weeks, discover monumental deals on Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K19 and Outward. Check out the full roster below – then head over to PlayStation Store before PS Plus Double Discounts ends June 4 at 8 a.m. PT. *Update: This post has been revised to more accurately reflect PlayStation Store offerings and prices PS4 Games Title $Sale $PSPlus $Original 18 FLOORS (VR) $12.74 $10.49 $14.99 1979 REVOLUTION: BLACK FRIDAY $7.79 $3.59 $11.99 ADAM’S VENTURE: ORIGINS – DELUXE EDITION $10.99 $1.99 $19.99 ADVENTURE TIME: PIRATES OF THE ENCHIRIDION $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 AEGIS DEFENDERS $14.99 $9.99 $19.99 AEREA – DELUXE EDITION $13.74 $2.49 $24.99 AGATHA CHRISTIE – THE ABC MURDERS $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 ALBERT AND OTTO $7.19 $2.39 $11.99 ALEKHINE’S GUN $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 ALIEN SHOOTER $5.59 $3.19 $7.99 ALTERIC $3.49 $1.99 $4.99 APOCALYPSE RIDER (VR) $3.49 $1.99 $4.99 AQUATIC ADVENTURE OF THE LAST HUMAN $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 ARMELLO $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 ARMELLO – DELUXE BUNDLE $29.24 $13.49 $44.99 ASSASSIN’S CREED CHRONICLES TRILOGY $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 ASSETTO CORSA ULTIMATE EDITION $27.99 $15.99 $39.99 ASTROLOGY AND HOROSCOPE PREMIUM $6.74 $4.49 $8.99 ATV DRIFT & TRICKS DEFINITIVE EDITION (VR) $14.99 $4.99 $24.99 AVEN COLONY $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 BATTLEFIELD 1 – REVOLUTION $24.79 $9.59 $39.99 BATTLEFIELD 1 AND TITANFALL 2 – ULTIMATE BUNDLE $44.99 $29.99 $59.99 BATTLEFIELD 1 PREMIUM PASS $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 BATTLEFIELD 4 $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 BATTLEFIELD 4 PREMIUM EDITION $24.79 $9.59 $39.99 BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE PREMIUM $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 BEAST QUEST $23.99 $7.99 $39.99 BEN 10 $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 BEYOND EYES $9.74 $4.49 $14.99 BIOSHOCK: THE COLLECTION $37.19 $14.39 $59.99 BLACKSEA ODYSSEY $7.79 $2.59 $12.99 BLASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (VR) $10.49 $5.99 $14.99 BLAZBLUE: CENTRAL FICTION $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 BLOOD BOWL 2 $12.59 $5.19 $19.99 BLOOD BOWL 2: LEGENDARY EDITION $28.34 $11.69 $44.99 BORDERLANDS: GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION $24.89 $19.79 $29.99 BRAWLOUT $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 BRAWLOUT DELUXE EDITION $20.99 $11.99 $29.99 BRIDGE CONSTRUCTOR PORTAL $10.49 $5.99 $14.99 BRIDGE CONSTRUCTOR STUNTS $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 BROTHERS: A TALE OF TWO SONS $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 BUBSY: THE WOOLIES STRIKE BACK $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 BURNOUT PARADISE REMASTERED $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 CARD GAME BUNDLE VOL. 1 $14.39 $4.79 $23.99 CIRCUIT BREAKERS $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 CITIES: SKYLINES – PLAYSTATION 4 EDITION $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 CITIES: SKYLINES – PREMIUM EDITION 2 $62.99 $55.99 $69.99 CODE51: MECHA ARENA (VR) $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 COOK SERVE DELICIOUS! 2!! $9.74 $6.49 $12.99 DARK MYSTERY $4.79 $1.59 $7.99 DARKNET (VR) $10.49 $5.99 $14.99 DEAD ALLIANCE $23.99 $7.99 $39.99 DEATH MARK $37.49 $24.99 $49.99 DEEP ONES $3.49 $1.99 $4.99 DEFUNCT – DELUXE EDITION $10.99 $1.99 $19.99 DEILAND $10.49 $5.99 $14.99 DESERT CHILD $7.19 $2.39 $11.99 DIRT 4 $35.99 $11.99 $59.99 DIRT RALLY 2.0 $44.99 $29.99 $59.99 DIRT RALLY 2.0 DIGITAL DELUXE $59.99 $39.99 $79.99 DIRT RALLY PLUS PLAYSTATION VR BUNDLE $29.99 $9.99 $49.99 DISCO DODGEBALL – REMIX $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 DIVINITY: ORIGINAL SIN – ENHANCED EDITION $25.19 $10.39 $39.99 DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION – GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION $24.79 $9.59 $39.99 DRAGON’S CROWN PRO $23.99 $17.99 $29.99 DRAGON’S DOGMA DARK ARISEN $23.99 $17.99 $29.99 DREAMBREAK $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 DRONE STRIKER (VR) $8.99 $7.99 $9.99 EAGLE FLIGHT (VR) $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 EAGLE FLIGHT & WEREWOLVES WITHIN PSVR BUNDLE $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 WINGDIVER THE SHOOTER $14.99 $9.99 $19.99 EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 $44.99 $29.99 $59.99 EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 DELUXE EDITION $67.49 $44.99 $89.99 ENERGY BALANCE $2.09 $1.19 $2.99 EPIC DUMPSTER BEAR: DUMPSTER FIRE REDUX $3.49 $1.99 $4.99 F1 2017 $35.99 $11.99 $59.99 F1 2018 $37.19 $14.39 $59.99 FAR CRY 4 + FAR CRY PRIMAL BUNDLE $45.49 $20.99 $69.99 FAR CRY 4 AND ZOMBI BUNDLE $32.49 $14.99 $49.99 FAR CRY INSANITY BUNDLE $69.99 $39.99 $99.99 FAR CRY NEW DAWN COMPLETE EDITION $69.99 $39.99 $99.99 FAR CRY NEW DAWN COMPLETE EDITION $64.39 $36.79 $91.99 FAR CRY NEW DAWN ULTIMATE EDITION $90.99 $51.99 $129.99 FAR CRY NEW DAWN ULTIMATE EDITION $73.49 $41.99 $0.00 FARMING SIMULATOR 17 $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 FARMING SIMULATOR 17 – PREMIUM EDITION $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 FARMING SIMULATOR 17: PLATINUM EDITION $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 FE $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 FIBBAGE: THE HILARIOUS BLUFFING PARTY GAME $4.89 $2.79 $6.99 FIFA 19 / NHL 19 BUNDLE $59.99 $39.99 $79.99 FIFA 19 / NHL 19 BUNDLE $59.99 $39.99 $79.99 FIFA THE JOURNEY BUNDLE $52.49 $34.99 $69.99 FIFA THE JOURNEY BUNDLE $52.49 $34.99 $69.99 FIGHTING EX LAYER (STANDARD VERSION) $29.99 $19.99 $39.99 FLOCKERS $16.24 $7.49 $24.99 FORT DEFENSE $4.89 $2.79 $6.99 FOUR SIDED FANTASY $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 FROST $8.44 $3.89 $12.99 FRUTAKIA 2 $2.99 $1.99 $3.99 GLADIATOR: BLADES OF FURY $7.14 $1.29 $12.99 GRAND KINGDOM $22.49 $14.99 $29.99 GRAND THEFT AUTO V $22.49 $14.99 $29.99 GRAND THEFT AUTO V: PREMIUM ONLINE EDITION $37.79 $15.59 $59.99 GRAND THEFT AUTO: THE TRILOGY $26.24 $17.49 $34.99 GRAVEL $23.99 $7.99 $39.99 GRAVEL SPECIAL EDITION $29.99 $9.99 $49.99 GTAV: PREMIUM ONLINE EDITION & GREAT WHITE SHARK CARD $44.19 $20.39 $67.99 GTAV: PREMIUM ONLINE EDITION & MEGALODON SHARK CARD $79.19 $38.39 $119.99 GTAV: PREMIUM ONLINE EDITION & WHALE SHARK CARD $57.19 $26.39 $87.99 GUILTY GEAR XRD REV 2 $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 HACKYZACK $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 HAS BEEN HEROES $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 HERO DEFENSE $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 HEROINE ANTHEM ZERO EPISODE 1 $10.39 $7.79 $12.99 HORSE RACING 2016 $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 HUNTING SIMULATOR $23.99 $7.99 $39.99 HYPER SENTINEL $7.01 $1.03 $12.99 INFINITE AIR MARK MCMORRIS $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 INFINITE MINIGOLF (VR) $10.49 $5.99 $14.99 INK $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 IRON SEA $4.89 $2.79 $6.99 JUST CAUSE 4 – DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION $52.49 $34.99 $69.99 JUST CAUSE 4 – GOLD EDITION $67.49 $44.99 $89.99 JUST CAUSE 4 – STANDARD EDITION $44.99 $29.99 $59.99 KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM ENHANCED EDITION $27.99 $15.99 $39.99 KORIX (VR) $10.99 $1.99 $19.99 KYURINAGA’S REVENGE $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 L.A. NOIRE $29.99 $19.99 $39.99 LA COPS $9.74 $4.49 $14.99 LASER DISCO DEFENDERS $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 LEGENDARY FISHING $22.49 $14.99 $29.99 LEGENDARY FISHING $19.49 $12.99 $25.99 LETHAL VR (VR) $9.74 $4.49 $14.99 LICHDOM: BATTLEMAGE $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 LIFE IS STRANGE 2 EPISODE 1 $5.99 $3.99 $7.99 LITTLE DRAGONS CAFÉ $41.99 $23.99 $59.99 LOADING HUMAN: CHAPTER 1 (VR) $23.99 $7.99 $39.99 LORDS OF THE FALLEN $11.99 $3.99 $19.99 LORDS OF THE FALLEN COMPLETE EDITION $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 LUMINES REMASTERED $11.99 $8.99 $14.99 MADDEN 19 / FIFA 19 BUNDLE $59.99 $39.99 $79.99 MADDEN 19 / FIFA 19 BUNDLE $59.99 $39.99 $79.99 MAFIA III $24.79 $9.59 $39.99 MAFIA III DELUXE EDITION $37.19 $14.39 $59.99 MAGICKA 2 $9.74 $4.49 $14.99 MAGICKA 2 SPECIAL EDITION $11.99 $3.99 $19.99 MAHJONG GOLD $4.89 $2.79 $6.99 MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA DELUXE RECRUIT $24.79 $9.59 $39.99 MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA RECRUIT EDITION $18.59 $7.19 $29.99 MEDIEVAL DEFENDERS $4.89 $2.79 $6.99 METAL MAX XENO $33.99 $27.99 $39.99 MICRO MACHINES: WORLD SERIES $18.59 $7.19 $29.99 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS – SPECIAL EDITION $32.49 $14.99 $49.99 MORTAL BLITZ (VR) $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 MOTO RACER 4 $23.99 $7.99 $39.99 MOTO RACER 4 – DELUXE EDITION $35.99 $11.99 $59.99 MOUNT & BLADE: WARBAND $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 MUSYNX $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN $29.74 $24.49 $34.99 MXGP PRO $29.99 $9.99 $49.99 NATURAL DOCTRINE $11.24 $7.49 $14.99 NBA 2K PLAYGROUNDS 2 $22.49 $14.99 $29.99 NBA 2K19 $39.59 $19.19 $59.99 NBA 2K19 + NBA 2K PLAYGROUNDS 2 BUNDLE $52.79 $25.59 $79.99 NBA 2K19 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION $65.99 $31.99 $99.99 NEED FOR SPEED $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 NEED FOR SPEED DELUXE EDITION $15.49 $5.99 $24.99 NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK $14.99 $9.99 $19.99 NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK DELUXE EDITION $22.49 $14.99 $29.99 NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 NO MAN’S SKY $37.49 $24.99 $49.99 NORTH $2.09 $1.19 $2.99 NUMANTIA $20.99 $11.99 $29.99 OKAMI HD $16.99 $13.99 $19.99 ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE (VR) $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 ONE PIECE UNLIMITED WORLD RED $29.99 $19.99 $39.99 ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 3 $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 ONRUSH DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION $50.99 $16.99 $84.99 ONRUSH STANDARD DIGITAL EDITION $35.99 $11.99 $59.99 OUTWARD $35.99 $31.99 $39.99 OVERLORD: FELLOWSHIP OF EVIL $14.56 $5.63 $23.49 OVERRIDE: MECH CITY BRAWL $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 OVERRIDE: MECH CITY BRAWL – SEASON PASS $9.74 $4.49 $14.99 OVERRIDE: MECH CITY BRAWL SUPER CHARGED MEGA EDITION $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 OVERRULED! $9.74 $4.49 $14.99 PALM READING PREMIUM $6.74 $4.49 $8.99 PAPER DOLLS (VR) $15.29 $13.59 $16.99 PARANAUTICAL ACTIVITY $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 PARTY CRASHERS $10.49 $5.99 $14.99 PARTY CRASHERS AND PARTY GOLF $15.59 $7.19 $23.99 PARTY GOLF $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 PEGGLE 2 MAGICAL MASTERS EDITION $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 PERFECT UNIVERSE PLAY WITH GRAVITY $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 PERSONALITY AND PSYCHOLOGY PREMIUM $6.74 $4.49 $8.99 PINBALL FX3 – BETHESDA PINBALL $7.69 $4.39 $10.99 PINBALL FX3 – WILLIAMS PINBALL: VOLUME 2 $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 PIXEL PIRACY $10.49 $5.99 $14.99 PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE 2: DELUXE EDITION $13.74 $2.49 $24.99 PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE 2: STANDARD EDITION $10.99 $1.99 $19.99 PRISON BOSS VR (VR) $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 PROJECT CARS $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 PROJECT CARS 2 $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 PROJECT CARS 2 DELUXE EDITION $58.49 $26.99 $89.99 PROJECT CARS: COMPLETE EDITION $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 QUIPLASH $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 RAIDEN V $24.49 $13.99 $34.99 RAINING COINS $4.49 $2.99 $5.99 REAL FARM $21.99 $3.99 $39.99 REUS – DELUXE EDITION $9.34 $1.69 $16.99 REZ INFINITE (VR) $22.49 $14.99 $29.99 ROAD RAGE $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 ROYAL COLLECTION $9.09 $5.19 $12.99 SCHOOL GIRL/ZOMBIE HUNTER $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 SEASONS AFTER FALL $12.59 $5.19 $19.99 SEVEN: ENHANCED EDITION $35.99 $31.99 $39.99 SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER $44.99 $29.99 $59.99 SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER – CROFT EDITION $67.49 $44.99 $89.99 SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER – DELUXE EDITION $52.49 $34.99 $69.99 SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER – SEASON PASS $23.99 $17.99 $29.99 SHERLOCK HOLMES : THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER $29.99 $9.99 $49.99 SHINY – DELUXE EDITION $10.99 $1.99 $19.99 SHOPPE KEEP $8.70 $4.41 $12.99 SLAIN: BACK FROM HELL $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 SLENDER: THE ARRIVAL $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 SLIME RANCHER $14.99 $9.99 $19.99 SMASHBOX ARENA (VR) $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 SNIPER ELITE 3 $20.99 $11.99 $29.99 SONG OF THE DEEP $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 SPACE HULK TACTICS $27.99 $15.99 $39.99 SPACE HULK: DEATHWING – ENHANCED EDITION $27.99 $15.99 $39.99 SPACE OVERLORDS $4.79 $1.59 $7.99 SPECTRUM PS4 $7.79 $3.59 $11.99 SPINTIRES: MUDRUNNER $24.14 $13.29 $34.99 SPINTIRES: MUDRUNNER: AMERICAN WILDS EXPANSION $8.49 $6.99 $9.99 STAR TREK: BRIDGE CREW (VR) $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT HOTH BUNDLE $18.59 $7.19 $29.99 STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT ULTIMATE EDITION $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 STARLINK: BATTLE FOR ATLAS $41.99 $23.99 $0.00 STARLINK: BATTLE FOR ATLAS – COLLECTION 1 PACK $44.99 $29.99 $59.99 STATIK (VR) $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 STEAMWORLD DIG $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 STEAMWORLD DIG 2 $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 STEAMWORLD HEIST $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 STRIDER $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 SUNLESS SEA: ZUBMARINER EDITION $15.19 $11.39 $18.99 SUPER KIDS RACING $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 SUPER PACK 5 IN 1 $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 SUPER STREET: THE GAME $29.99 $19.99 $39.99 SURVIVING MARS $22.49 $14.99 $29.99 SURVIVING MARS – DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION $29.99 $19.99 $39.99 SURVIVING MARS – FIRST COLONY EDITION $48.74 $32.49 $64.99 SYBERIA 3 $32.49 $14.99 $49.99 TACOMA $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 TALES OF ZESTIRIA $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 TERRARIA $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 THE ADVENTURE PALS $11.24 $7.49 $14.99 THE COMA: RECUT $9.74 $4.49 $14.99 THE CREW $18.89 $7.49 $29.99 THE DIVISION $28.19 $9.39 $46.99 THE ESCAPISTS $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 THE ESCAPISTS + THE ESCAPISTS: THE WALKING DEAD COLLECTION $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 THE ESCAPISTS: SUPERMAX EDITION $16.24 $7.49 $24.99 THE ESCAPISTS: THE WALKING DEAD $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 THE GOLF CLUB 2 $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 THE GOLF CLUB 2019 FEATURING PGA TOUR $39.99 $29.99 $49.99 THE HUNTER CALL OF THE WILD $23.99 $17.99 $29.99 THE INVISIBLE HOURS $20.99 $11.99 $29.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK $17.49 $9.99 $24.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK 3 $17.49 $9.99 $24.99 THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV $27.99 $15.99 $39.99 THE RABBIT HOLE (VR) $3.49 $1.99 $4.99 THE SURGE $31.49 $12.99 $49.99 THE TECHNOMANCER $25.19 $10.39 $39.99 THE UNKNOWN CITY (HORROR BEGINS NOW…..EPISODE 1) $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 THE WALKER. (VR) $8.49 $6.99 $9.99 THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT – BLOOD AND WINE $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT – COMPLETE EDITION $32.49 $14.99 $49.99 THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT – HEARTS OF STONE $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT EXPANSION PASS $17.49 $9.99 $24.99 THESEUS VR $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 THREE FOURTHS HOME: EXTENDED EDITION $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 THRONEBREAKER: THE WITCHER TALES $26.09 $22.19 $29.99 TITANFALL 2 – ULTIMATE EDITION $18.59 $7.19 $29.99 TOBY: THE SECRET MINE $9.74 $4.49 $14.99 TOKYO XANADU EX+ $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION $29.99 $9.99 $49.99 TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION – 1050 PREMIUM CREDITS PACK $8.49 $6.99 $9.99 TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION – 2400 PREMIUM CREDITS PACK $16.99 $13.99 $19.99 TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION – 4600 PREMIUM CREDITS PACK $29.74 $24.49 $34.99 TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION – 7200 PREMIUM CREDITS PACK $39.99 $29.99 $49.99 TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION GOLD EDITION $53.99 $17.99 $89.99 TOUHOU GENSO WANDERER RELOADED $39.99 $29.99 $49.99 TOUR DE FRANCE 2016 $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 TOUR DE FRANCE 2017 $25.19 $10.39 $39.99 TOUR DE FRANCE 2018 $31.49 $12.99 $49.99 TRACKMANIA TURBO $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 TRANSFERENCE $17.49 $9.99 $24.99 TRIALS FUSION $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 TRIALS FUSION: AWESOME MAX EDITION $25.19 $9.99 $39.99 TRULON: THE SHADOW ENGINE $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 TUMBLESTONE $14.99 $4.99 $24.99 ULTRA STREET FIGHTER IV $18.74 $12.49 $24.99 UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH EXE:LATE[ST] $32.49 $14.99 $49.99 UNEARTHING MARS (VR) $11.99 $8.99 $14.99 UNEARTHING MARS 2 (VR) $16.99 $13.99 $19.99 UNRAVEL $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 UNRAVEL TWO $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 V-RALLY 4 $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 V-RALLY 4 ULTIMATE EDITION $51.99 $23.99 $79.99 VALLEY $11.99 $3.99 $19.99 VERTICAL DROP HEROES HD $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 VIKING DAYS (VR) $3.49 $1.99 $4.99 WARHAMMER 40,000: INQUISITOR – MARTYR | IMPERIUM EDITION $55.99 $31.99 $79.99 WARHAMMER 40,000: INQUISITOR – MARTYR | SEASON PASS $20.99 $11.99 $29.99 WARHAMMER 40000: INQUISITOR – DELUXE EDITION $45.49 $25.99 $64.99 WARHAMMER 40000: INQUISITOR MARTYR $38.99 $17.99 $59.99 WARHAMMER BUNDLE: MORDHEIM AND BLOOD BOWL 2 $31.49 $12.99 $49.99 WEREWOLVES WITHIN (VR) $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 WHISPERING WILLOWS (GAME AND THEME) $7.49 $2.49 $12.49 WORMS ANNIVERSARY EDITION $25.99 $11.99 $39.99 WORMS BATTLEGROUNDS $16.24 $7.49 $24.99 WORMS BATTLEGROUNDS – ALIEN INVASION $3.24 $1.49 $4.99 WORMS W.M.D $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 WRC 7 $29.99 $9.99 $49.99 WUPPO $10.99 $1.99 $19.99 XCOM 2 $37.19 $14.39 $59.99 XCOM 2 COLLECTION $66.99 $33.99 $99.99 XCOM 2 DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION $46.49 $17.99 $74.99 XENON RACER $44.99 $39.99 $49.99 YESTERDAY ORIGINS $14.99 $4.99 $24.99 YOUTUBERS LIFE $25.49 $20.99 $29.99 ZEUS QUEST REMASTERED $6.74 $4.49 $8.99 ZOMBI $11.59 $2.99 $19.99 ZOTRIX $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 PS3 Games Title $Sale $PSPlus $Original ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS ULTIMATE EDITION $11.99 $3.99 $19.99 BATTLEFIELD 4 $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 BATTLEFIELD 4 PREMIUM EDITION $24.79 $9.59 $39.99 BIOSHOCK $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 BIOSHOCK 2 $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 BIOSHOCK INFINITE $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 BORDERLANDS $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 BORDERLANDS 2 $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 BORDERLANDS: THE PRE-SEQUEL $12.99 $5.99 $19.99 CAPCOM ARCADE CABINET $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 DEAD SPACE 2 ULTIMATE EDITION $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 DEAD SPACE 3 ULTIMATE EDITION $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 DEAD SPACE ULTIMATE EDITION $14.99 $4.99 $24.99 DRAGON AGE II $11.99 $3.99 $19.99 DRAGON AGE INQUISITION $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS $11.99 $3.99 $19.99 F1 2014 $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 F1 RACE STARS $12.39 $4.79 $19.99 FAIRY FENCER F $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 FIBBAGE: THE HILARIOUS BLUFFING PARTY GAME $4.89 $2.79 $6.99 GRAND THEFT AUTO IV $13.39 $6.79 $19.99 GRAND THEFT AUTO V $14.99 $9.99 $19.99 GRID 2 $18.59 $7.19 $29.99 GRID 2 – RELOADED $24.79 $9.59 $39.99 GRID AUTOSPORT SEASON PASS $18.59 $7.19 $29.99 GRID: AUTOSPORT $18.59 $7.19 $29.99 GUACAMELEE! $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA MK2 $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA VICTORY $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 L.A. NOIRE $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 MAX PAYNE 3 $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 MIRROR’S EDGE $9.29 $3.59 $14.99 MUGEN SOULS $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 MUGEN SOULS Z $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 NATURAL DOCTRINE $11.24 $7.49 $14.99 OKAMI HD $9.79 $5.59 $13.99 QUIPLASH $6.99 $3.99 $9.99 RAIDEN IV: OVERKILL $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 THE JACKBOX PARTY PACK $17.49 $9.99 $24.99 TOYBOX TURBOS $9.29 $3.59 $14.99 UNDERGARDEN $3.49 $1.99 $4.99 PS Vita Games Title $Sale $PSPlus $Original DRINKBOX VITA COLLECTION $14.99 $4.99 $24.99 GRAND KINGDOM $22.49 $14.99 $29.99 GUACAMELEE! $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 HAKUOKI: EDO BLOSSOMS $23.99 $7.99 $39.99 HAKUOKI: KYOTO WINDS $17.99 $5.99 $29.99 HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA: PRODUCING PERFECTION $7.49 $4.99 $9.99 LASER DISCO DEFENDERS $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 MARY SKELTER: NIGHTMARES $21.99 $3.99 $39.99 MUSYNX $19.49 $8.99 $29.99 NATURAL DOCTRINE $11.24 $7.49 $14.99 SPACE OVERLORDS $4.79 $1.59 $7.99 STEAMWORLD DIG $5.99 $1.99 $9.99 STEAMWORLD DIG 2 $13.99 $7.99 $19.99 STEAMWORLD HEIST $8.99 $2.99 $14.99 SUPERDIMENSION NEPTUNE VS SEGA HARD GIRLS $11.99 $3.99 $19.99 Note: All pricing is for U.S. only and subject to change. 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  23. Hi PlayStation players! I’m Keith Miron, the lead software engineer of Overwatch and one of the creators of a brand-new game feature we’re about to launch on PS4: the Workshop! To celebrate this launch and the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event, I’m answering a few questions about the Workshop with my co-developer, Senior Gameplay Engineer Dan Reed. What is the Overwatch Workshop? Dan: The Workshop is a simple game scripting system that gives players much more power and flexibility to customize features in the Game Browser and create their own custom Overwatch games. Within the Workshop, players can create scripts, and add Rules and play Conditions on top of the established game modes players already know and love. Rules can do many things, like change how a hero’s movement and abilities work, modify how players are damaged or healed, or even display text. What are the most interesting creations you’ve seen come out of the Workshop so far? Dan: We’ve seen so many amazing games come out already — our players are incredibly creative, and we’ve seen people do things with the Workshop that we didn’t even anticipate. Someone made a mode where you can race around as Wrecking Ball. There’s a Lúcio trial that challenges you to navigate through difficult vertical terrain. We’ve even seen a dogfighting mode that lets you fly around as Bastion. Where did the idea for the Workshop come from? Keith: We started kicking around the idea for what would eventually become the Workshop around two years ago. Dan and I had talked about finding ways to improve our existing Custom Games mode so that players could do different, more interesting things with it. Then in 2017, the Overwatch team held a “hack-a-thon” where people on the team got to spend a couple days working on whatever project they wanted to. Dan and I teamed up to create a tool that simplified the scripting language our team uses, making it accessible to more than just people who know how to code. Dan: After that, we made our first test game mode. It was called “Protect the President,” and players had to guard Zenyatta from some enemy Widowmakers as he moved slowly through King’s Row. The game mode only had three rules, but it worked smoothly. And the team thought the idea showed a lot of potential. Keith: We had to put the project on hold temporarily after the hack-a-thon because we had to shift to other priorities. It stayed on the shelf until Fall 2018, when we had another hack-a-thon and used the opportunity to work on the idea further. During that hack-a-thon, we created a few new, different custom games to show everyone. We made a zombie game, and another where one player takes the role of Roadhog, and other players try to kill him—and if you’re successful, you become him. After that, we started working on it more seriously. Why did the Overwatch team decide to turn this hack-a-thon idea into a full game feature? Keith: We’re doing it for the community, really. The community has some really great ideas for what kinds of things they want to see in Overwatch—new Arcade modes, or entirely new game modes—but the development team only has time to do so much. So a big part of the reason we decided to make the Workshop was to give players a way to bring their cool ideas to life themselves. Dan: The response to Workshop has been amazing. So far more than 2.7 million games have been created, and more than 60,000 game codes have been shared. And that’s before the Workshop has even gotten into PS4 players’ hands. Keith: And we’re excited to keep building on it. We’re looking forward to getting even more player feedback as they really dig into the tools, and we can use that to refine the Workshop further and add new features and tools. The Overwatch Workshop arrives for PS4 players tomorrow, alongside the launch of our Anniversary seasonal event. We can’t wait to see what PS4 players come up with. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  24. Hello again, PlayStation.Blog readers! The last time I shared a post here, our team at Phoenix Labs had just announced that Dauntless was headed to PlayStation 4. Five months later, I’m happy to say that we’re now ready to welcome our PlayStation friends to the Shattered Isles. Starting tomorrow, May 21, you can download Dauntless on PS4, and it is completely free to play. We also have a special offer for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the form of six exclusive PlayStation-inspired Dauntless weapon skins. Check out the sword and axe skins below! Since our announcement last December, we’ve been working hard to add as much new content as we can, including huge additions to progression, new Behemoths, quests, and the Mastery system. We’ve been polishing and fine-tuning the game along the way so PlayStation fans around the world have a great time when they first jump in. Master The Hunt One of the biggest additions to the core game you’ll see at launch is the Mastery system. Dauntless is all about teaming up with friends to take down larger-than-life Behemoths, crafting weapons and armor using their parts to take on harder and more complex Behemoths scattered across the Shattered Isles, and feeling like a total badass while doing so. The Mastery system invites Slayers to hone and prove their skills across dozens of Behemoth and gear-related cards, earning experience, checking off achievements and unlocking new combat customization options. The system offers both new and seasoned Slayers fresh ways to engage with every weapon class and Behemoth encounter — all combined with long-term goals that net huge rewards. It’s a great way to further your experience in Dauntless while earning awesome loot. We currently have dozens of Mastery levels for each weapon and Behemoth in the game, so there is plenty of content to work through! The core progression experience in Dauntless has been completely overhauled for launch based on loads of feedback during our Open Beta. When you successfully defeat a Behemoth, you’ll be greeted with a revamped “End Of Hunt” screen, informing you of all the break parts you nabbed, experience you earned in various Mastery cards, gatherables collected, and much more. We want you to be able to see your Slayer progression every time you finish a hunt so when you get back to Ramsgate, the hub city of Dauntless, you can see what new Mastery cards have unlocked and what rewards you’ve earned. Assassins In Ramsgate We’re also launching a new Hunt Pass season starting on May 21, titled Hidden Blades. This season transforms Ramsgate for the Moon Blossom Festival and offers Slayers a huge variety of thematic gear to flaunt their inner assassin. Slayers can work through 50 levels of content across both the basic and Elite tracks, earning cosmetic rewards as well as premium currency along the way. Welcome To The Shattered Isles We can’t wait to welcome the PlayStation community into the world of Dauntless. As we say at Phoenix Labs: Clear Skies, Slayers! Przeczytaj cały wpis
  25. So, you busted out of jail. Great. Now what? Well, in a matter of minutes Redrock County is gonna be crawling with cops. First things first, ditch the penitentiary jumpsuit. I know they say orange is the new black or whatever, but you need to blend in. Grab a pair of overalls off that washing line over yonder, while the owner isn’t looking. Looking positively local now, go see Dwayne. He’ll know what to do next, he always does. Least, when he’s sober. Stayin’ Alive Seems you got things to do, leads to follow up on. Maybe you find the scum that murdered Dad. Maybe you make them pay. But you’re gonna have to be smart about it. Draw too much attention and you’ll be right back in the slammer again, this time with guards who won’t turn their back. So that means either being sneaky or being fast. Your call. Getting Paid Ain’t nothing free, not these days. You’re gonna need food, clothes, guns, and a decent set of wheels. There’s plenty of ways to earn cash around here. Fence stolen property, compete in time trials, run errands for the local crime gangs. Heck, you could just go hunting for hidden loot (metal detectors help). On the other hand, they say when people are afraid of you, you can do anything. Payback Time Keep your eyes on the task at hand. It’s easy to get distracted in a place like Redrock, and we all like to let our hair down from time to time. But remember why you’re here, and not on some beach in Mexico. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Trust no one and nothing, except maybe your instincts. Everyone’s crooked in this town, especially the cops. Stay sharp, because when the opportunity for payback comes, you might not get a second chance… Here are some top tips for surviving and thriving as a fugitive in Redrock County: Robbery Virtually everything you steal can be fenced at the pawn shop. Trespassing on private property will alert residents, but only if they see you. Bodies will alert residents. Hide them. Breaking and entering is a lot easier with the keys. If you see someone coming out of their house, chances are they’ve got a set on them. When holding up a store, take some serious hardware otherwise they might laugh in your face. Fine art is worth a hefty price. Gossip is rife in small towns. Use it to your advantage. ‘Restraining’ residents and store owners is kinder than hurting them. House owners often leave cash lying around their house. Driving All vehicles have different strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with them all! You can buy cars with your cell phone. Muscle cars have some serious grunt, but cornering takes practice. Find a Sedan to start with. The Armadillo Buggy is perfect for cross-country, but doesn’t offer much protection. Tow Truck is really useful for getting rid of chasing cops. Swing them around like a wrecking ball. The Tow Truck is also very good at taking out target vehicles — simply hook them up then drive into the river. The Hotrod is as fast as a rocket, but very twitchy. The train can be a great way to lose pursuers… if your timing is perfect. Combat Shooting civilians will bring heat. Shooting cops will bring real heat. You can buy guns with your cell phone. Shotguns are deadly from close range. Always reload before a firefight. You don’t wanna be caught changing clips under fire! Holster your weapon unless you want to draw attention. SWAT police wear armor. Very useful if you can get it. General Hot meals will heal you more than snacks. Keep your eyes open. Cash can sometimes be found on the street. Need a fast exit? Jump on the train. Can’t find a change of clothes? Go au naturel. There’s a ‘Follow Camera’ mode in the options. Metal detectors are a great way of finding buried loot. Completing missions is the fastest way to make big money. I hope that all these tips will come in handy and that you’ll make the most of the gameplay. See you on the outside tomorrow! Przeczytaj cały wpis
  26. No Code is what I’ve always called a ‘scrappy’ studio. It’s been our way since the start, and has become something that enables us to do big things with small teams. It’s not about being ‘messy’ or cutting corners, but about finding innovative solutions to problems that might at first seem odd, allowing us to accomplish more than what a team of our and size should realistically be able to. Observation, releasing on PS4 tomorrow, is full of these types of solutions. Whether it’s methods of allowing designers and artists to build shippable gameplay, or ways to give our small art team the ability to generate so much more high quality content than we thought possible — making games at No Code is certainly a unique experience. Finding creative solutions to animation requirements in particular is one aspect that has helped shape Observation into the cinematic adventure we hoped it could be. With only one animator, we needed to develop a large number of animations, from AI/Gameplay navigation, to convincing and captivating cinematics, that all needed to be in zero gravity. All this while keeping development time and cost inline with our budget. Zero-G on a Shoestring Budget A lot of the more cinematic moments took inspiration from big budget space films such as Gravity or Interstellar, where large production teams push and pull actors using complex pulley rigs in a believably zero-gravity way. This was something we definitely could not do in our small Glasgow office, so we had to come up with a plan! Our Animator, Chris Wilson, has 15 years’ experience in traditional optical-based Motion Capture, and knew this would be our best bet for producing the quantity and quality of movements required for Observation. However, an optical system was out of the question due to budget and space limitations, and using a Motion Capture Production studio didn’t fit with our production schedule. Crucially, it would restrict the freedom to iterate gameplay, script and characters as the game evolved. It would mean we only had one shot to get things right. Before long, Chris had found an accelerometer-based capture system; a web of wired sensors using the same type of accelerometers you get in your console controllers. The kit was comparatively very cheap, easy to use, and could capture virtually anywhere, with a very fast turnaround from capture to running in game. What this meant for the team was that a new gameplay or scene idea could be developed, and within hours, Chris could have the suit on, acting out new motions and animation requirements (sometimes just at his desk), and have that content in the game by the end of the day. A lightning-fast turnaround that gave the rest of the team the agility we needed to build something as different and experimental as Observation. Thinking Outside the Box To capture some of the actions used throughout the game, we had to think outside the box (and maybe flip the box on its side occasionally), while keeping things grounded. Anything we had available in the studio suddenly became a possibility to be used to capture. Office chairs, various parts of a drum kit, tables, and even a cheap mechanic’s car creeper, were all repurposed to simulate life on a space station. One example of this, was a scene near the beginning of the game where the game’s main character Emma Fisher wakes up after blacking out from a disturbance on the station. As she wakes up, she is tumbling, spinning gently in mid air, flipping head to toe. We planned to capture the scene, with all the action being rotated 90 degrees — what was up in the game, was now horizontal. To get this backwards-tumble motion, Chris lay down on his side on a swiveling drummer’s stool, while a colleague would gently spun them around. This was then motion-captured up to a certain point (when the character would wake and steady themselves). This was captured with an upright orientation. These two sections were then rotated, matched, and blended together to make one continuous performance. With no pulleys or motion-controlled supports, just a rotating drummers stool left over from the days of No Code’s band a decade before, we had a convincing zero-g scene. Facial Animations For facial animation we decided to get video reference of Kezia during her recording sessions. The best way to capture this would be with a Head Mounted Camera. Once again, due to the nature of the project and ideas coming about very quickly, it wasn’t entirely feasible to purchase or rent the equipment as dialogue was written and rewritten; to do this the ‘real’ way would have been way out of our budget. However, in this case we took some inspiration from a story on the real ISS. Astronauts on board needed a specific gauge of tool to fix an equipment issue, and so they were emailed a file, which they then 3D-printed on the station and used. We could do the same! We were lucky enough to have a 3D printer in the studio, so we repurposed an old VR headset (worn backwards), then designed and printed up the components to make a custom head mounted camera rig, using a mounted GoPro to record the footage. Chris took measurements of the headset, and build a modular set of printable components to give us a flexible/extendible head rig which, including the headset, cost about £90 (around $114) to make! This took us from requiring a piece of equipment that would have cost us thousands of pounds to hire and rehire, to a piece of customized hardware we could design and redesign for whatever we needed. I hope this has given you some understanding and insight into not only how creative solutions can be found for expensive problems, but also see the outstanding work such a small team has been able to achieve in the time we had for Observation. Looking at the finished game, it doesn’t look like it was made by a small team of 11 people, in a tiny office in Glasgow! Przeczytaj cały wpis
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